Why Use a Mobile Veterinarian?
A growing number of pet owners are turning to mobile veterinarians or 'vets on wheels' to care for furry family members.

Mobile vet clinics can be an ideal solution for families with pets who are:

  • Shy, scared or skittish

  • Elderly

  • Large breed dogs with mobility problems

  • Aggressive


Having your vet come to you instead of the other way around can also be a blessing for:

  • Multi-pet households

  • People with hectic or unpredictable schedules

  • Couples with a new baby or young children at home

  • Shut-ins, senior citizens, and people who don't drive

  • People who don't want to expose very young animals to other patients

Why Some Pet Owners Prefer Mobile Vet Clinics

Many family pets, especially cats, experience extreme, debilitating stress when they must travel even a short distance. It's not unusual for a very distressed, frightened cat or dog to vomit or lose bladder or bowel control on car rides to and from the vet's office.


With a vet-on-wheels, the travel your pet endures is no more than a short walk down the driveway to the waiting mobile vet unit.


Lots of pets and their owners find waiting around for the vet during a clinic visit unnerving. When your vet comes to you, you're waiting in the comfort of your own home, and your pet remains calm.


Families with several pets can get everyone wellness-checked at the same time. This avoids multiple vet appointments or trying to wrangle several pets at once to, from and at the veterinary clinic.


Often, examining a pet in his own environment is more helpful and productive than attempting to diagnose a problem when the animal is stressed out during a visit to the vet.


Also, having your vet come to you lowers the risk your pet will be exposed to diseases that may be lurking in a clinic waiting room. This is a tremendous advantage if your pet is very young, elderly or has a weakened immune system.


Many owners who are facing the death of a beloved companion prefer to have their pet euthanized at home, surrounded by family members.


Your pets have all of the vet's attention. 


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